What’s the difference; Rope, Line, or Sheets?

Know what to call that thingy over there.

Sailing terms can be confusing or, so my students tell me. Why not just call it rope and be done with it? Well, because we can convey greater meaning if we use unique terms. Line is the general term for rope that is on a boat [...]

High Tide? Low Tide? All you need is a watch and the full moon.

Know the approximate time of high tide without tables.

Admittedly, where I do most of my sailing you can almost get by without knowing where the tide is at any given time. In southeast Florida the tidal range (difference between high and low tide) is about 24-30”. However, if I’m exploring some skinny (shallow) [...]

Anchor Light vs. Masthead Light


Masthead light can be a confusing term.

Let’s look up anchor and masthead lights in the Glossary:

Anchor light. A white light that shines so it is visible from all around the vessel required when anchored or moored between sunset and sunrise. The best place for this light is usually at the top of [...]

Anchor Successfully For a Good Night’s Sleep (part 2)

Secrets of anchoring:

In part 1 (previous post) we talked about the basics of anchoring, in part 2 we’ll discover some unique solutions to situations you may encounter. Any words you are not familiar with will be found in the Glossary.

If you own your boat make sure your anchor is up to the [...]